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Odyssey of the Heart: Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui

Odyssey of the Heart:
Paths to Wholeness
through Feng Shui

By Deborah Redfern

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Are aspects of your being or life feeling stuck or cluttered?

Your mind?
Your heart?
Your health?
Your home?
Your life?

If you checked off one or more of the above, read on.

You are invited on a unique journey deep into the bagua - designed to reveal untold secrets about yourself and your life!

The bagua is an ancient energy grid used in feng shui as a tool for personal growth and transformation.

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The Bagua as a Journey

The bagua map is a way to pay attention and keep balance in all areas of life, something that has become a delicate balancing act for many of us in today's world. Yet when we work with the energy in each of the trigrams, in equal amounts, it offers the opportunity for regeneration and perfect balance. You will begin this feng shui exploration by examining the stories each of the eight areas of the bagua map have to say about your life.

By journeying with the bagua map and observing the memories, beliefs and emotions that arise along the way, you can uncover the hidden layers to yourself and move forward in your life. It is a gentle but powerful guide for raising your internal light and getting clearer about what really matters to you in life.

This ebook could well be your next guide to:
  •   Creating positive change in your life!
  •   Realizing your dreams!
  •   Working through your fears.
  •   Finding your life vision!
  •   Releasing blocked energy.
  •   Creating a sense of opening in your life.
  •   Drawing your heart's desires to you with ease.

"With an authenticity that is refreshing, Deborah Redfern gently, yet powerfully, guides you into the mysterious arena of the bagua (the ancient energy map for the home). She goes much deeper than many feng shui books, so you can gain an intimate understanding of the true power of this time-honored system." ~ Denise Linn, author of Feng Shui for your Soul, Space Clearing A-Z, Altars, Space Clearing and Soul Coaching.

Contents of Odyssey of the Heart:
  •   Introduction
  •   The Ancient Roads of Feng Shui
  •   The Journey Dream
  •   Family Heritage and Health: The Arousing Thunder
  •   Abundance and Prosperity: The Gentle Wind
  •   Fame and Reputation: Clinging Fire
  •   Love and Relationship: The Receptive Earth
  •   Creativity and Children: The Joyous Lake
  •   Helpful People and Travel: The Creative Heaven
  •   Career: Deep Water
  •   Self Knowledge and Wisdom: The Still Mountain
  •   Being in the Center
  •   Journey's End...Journey Begins.

Bonus Gift 1

Guided Meditation: The Bagua Journey of Life

Guided Meditation: The Bagua Journey of Life
By Deborah Redfern

Be guided through the areas of the Bagua and embrace the wisdom each area has to teach you. Deborah's gentle and reassuring voice guides you on this 11 ½ minute journey.

(Downloadable MP3 audio)

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Bonus Gift 2

Inner Workbook
for Odyssey of the Heart

Odyssey of the Heart Inner Workbook
by Deborah Redfern

To assist you in your Odyssey of the Heart journey, you will gain access to these "Inner Work sheets" (as a gift with the purchase of this healing ebook):

  1. The Bagua Map
  2. Writing your Personal Story
  3. Defining Goals and Opening to Abundance
  4. Life Vision Statement
  5. Working with your Dreams
  6. Creating your Helpful People Altar
  7. Exploring your Passions
  8. The Bagua Mandala
(Downloadable workbook)

"Deborah's course was very informative and easy to comprehend. I enjoyed every minute of it especially the work book that comes along with the course. That really helped me figure out who I really am and what I love to do. Now today I have started my Feng Shui consulting business and things are going well. Thank you Deborah!" ~ Amy, student

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Odyssey of the Heart: Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui

Odyssey of the Heart:
Paths to Wholeness
through Feng Shui

By Deborah Redfern

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About the Author
Deborah Redfern
Deborah Redfern is a certified feng shui and space clearing practitioner with a practice in Victoria, British Columbia, and certified Nia™ dance movement instructor.

Deborah's life purpose is to explore self-healing through creativity: writing, color, art, dance and singing. She has found the world of feng shui to offer a rich and creative template for healing work and loves to share her experience of healing with those who are called to walk the same path. She offers two feng shui eCourses with SelfHealingExpression.com: Healing with Feng Shui and Color, Dancing with Energy: 9 Steps to Manifesting Your Soul's Desires with Feng Shui and Feng Shui Soulutions: Your 30 Day Home and Life Makeover. She offers a professional certification course in Feng Shui through her business Feng Shui Studies.